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how to determine wire gauge for amp

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

I'm not looking to cut any corners, so I only want to run the 4AWG if there is zero ambiguity. Sign up for our emails, 125 watts RMS is a bit much for thin factory wiring. The reason the Wire Gauge Chart doesn't show more is that systems larger than 300 amperes are rare and usually involve using multiple power wires, batteries, and high-output alternators. hi there buck, im running a scv 7500 (clamping 9.5k rms at 13.8v) with 6 1/0 inputs (3 of each), and i was curious as to if i should be using 370 amp fuses or run duel inputs into each one being a total of 12 inputs (6 each) and have them run 300 amp fuses each. even less,cable lengths used are 7ft for both cables,what do you think,should i use What size power and ground wire should I use? The calculation states in pulling 159 amps, if that is so, then my 100 anl fuse in my power cable would have 'popped', and or my amp fuse of 80 amps would've as well. I'm just hooking up a basic system with 6 x 9 speakers for now. I'm currently running 2 amplifiers, a 1,600 watt rated with a 60 amp fuse, and a 1500 watt rated with a 50 amp fuse; totaling 110 amps. 14- or 16-gauge wire works well for speakers, but if you can fit it in, 12-gauge speaker wire works too. This will be pushing JL Audio 8w7 ported stealthbox which is 3 ohm. I will just get a different one that plugs into cigarette lighter. I have focal 1000.1 amplifier and it's max rms is 700 at 2 ohms, but I will set it to 600 rms with multimeter at 2 ohms, so should I count amplifier max power or how much power I will use? Normally, the amp requires 4-gauge power and ground wiring, but for your short runs 8-gauge or 10-gauge will work as well. On the other hand, installing too large a wire gauge doesn't really have any downside, and there is the potential for better performance. That amplifier can put out 800 watts RMS at 2 ohms, which is twice that sub's RMS rating. Thanks for responding. The RF T0d412 is rated at 700rms/1400 peak, my question is which amp would be more sufficient to power this pair of subs? Maybe you even need to replace that fuse holder too. Wayne, This article's about sizing amplifier power and ground wiring. I havent had the amp go into protect mode yet. A typical Class AB amplifier is about 50% efficient, which means about half of the power it generates is turned into audio output while the other half of the power is lost as heat. Firstly is this a good match up? Preferred Wire for amp build Discussion in 'Shock Brother's DIY Amps' started by gearjunkie, Jan 25, 2012. Amp wire calculator. It never hurts to get power and ground cabling larger than your immediate needs so that if you were to upgrade your system later, you'll be prepared. Dinzel, You didn't take into account your amplifiers' efficiency. Im using this amp to power a JL Audio 12W6v2-D4. 3rd: If above I have wrong - options? For consumer safety reasons, this article uses calculations based on a typical Class AB amplifier, which are usually about 50% efficient. I will be running 2 amps! I have a friend with the Same system as mine and the only difference is wire size. Why don't you pick up an. The distance from the fuse block to the amps would be less than 2 feet. Vincent, If your amplifiers can put out a total of 4,800 watts RMS of power, then one 1/0-gauge power and ground wires will not be enough to support them. For 1/0-gauge wire, 150-250A fuse. What gauge wire should I buy? Wires that aren't fastened securely often heat up due to the intermittent contacts and sparks. I found an amp that is 6000 Watts (means absolutely nothing) 3000 rms but CEA rating at 1000 rms wired to 2 ohm which I am the subs are 2 ohm! Is there a Diffrence in sound quality between using thhn 8awg vs fine stranded car audio 8awg wire? The number of subs the amp is powering is irrelevant to its maximum potential current draw. I have 2 12 kicker comp running 300 rms what wire should it take? I am running 4 ohm subs. This wiring kit has everything you need: inline fuse for the main power cable, fused distribution block for the two amps, and even a ground block so you can ground your two amps to the same spot. I made the mistake of buying a cheap walmart brand wire, I originally ran my 1600 watt amp with a 1200 watt power wire, but i sold the wire along with that jeep, So i put my 15" L7 and 1600 watt amp in my truck and thought i could skirt by on that, I just blew 3 fuses in the last 5 minutes, 2 80 amp 1 100 amp. No idea what brand, wattage, or impedance the speakers are. Hi Buck! We've been putting gear through its paces for decades. Guess I'll check the RCA converter to make sure wiring is ok? In recent years, the color of the cable has been used to indicate the AWG size of the wires inside it, while the wire's insulation itself indicates the polarity of the wire either if it's neutral or hot. car guy. 4) What gauge wires from the power distribution block to each of the amps? Speakers keep blowing up... I'll throw another curve your way. I plan to use a 110W RMS amp (without any head unit) and I doubt I need additional power wiring. If you're quoting peak ratings, forget all that, and go with what the manufacturer recommends. Ragnor, Like this article says you should only use RMS ratings for system-planning, not peak ratings. Here's my current set up - 4 awg OFC fused at the battery (80 amps) to a fused distribution block in my trunk. Dividing that by 13.8V yields a total draw of 81.5A. 4) Connect a minimum 10AWG wire from the “BAT” position of the ignition switch to terminal “S” on the back of the amp gauge. If it's a Kicker KXA2400.1, then it requires 1/0 gauge power and ground wires and a 200-Amp fuse. Hi guy s iam Australian and I am starting to build my system ok I have kicker was 67splits and will be running them off two kicker zx 700"5 amp wring Size is what iam chasing size do I need to run I awful to my cap to db to Amos all so what size fuse thank you. I have a volfenhag element-5 2600 watt full mosfet monoblock amp wanting to know true rms of it and if it is 1 ohm stable or can power four svc subs two of them are 400 watt rms the other two are 300 watt rms can i run it parallel and be ok. Lots of good info here,but I just want to double check. Question is will 18 gauge speaker wire be ok for this setup? I'm about to overhaul my Pontiac G6 system, including new main speakers and stereo (pioneer AVH-X4800BS). at what power level should you upgrade your factory speaker wire or use bigger than the 18ga speed wires? I'm not sure what the RMS is but I' was thinking it would be underpowered. I have a t1500 1dcp and kicker 250 4 channel amp running off of 4 gauge wire with one 200 watt fuse is that safe to run or should each amp have it own fuse? A 1/0-gauge power wire from battery to distribution block will work. So would i be OK if I run 4 gauge fused main wire from the battery to a distribution block with another set of wires from the distribution block to the amplifiers? I also have a fused block, on the amp side, my Alpine has two 30amp onboard I just guessed I should use a 60amp fuse for the Alpine side of the block. Your amplifiers use Class D technology which is more efficient and would draw more like 109-A at full-tilt. I did the math 500 total watts multiplied by 1.25 (Class D 80% efficient) divided by 13.8 and end up with 45 Amps. Crutchfield is the 1st place I go when I need or want something. This way, even if someone should read it on a small screen like a phone, there will be no misunderstanding. 8-gauge wiring should work for the short runs from the distribution block to each powered device. Seems no matter what setting, if the bass hits to where the music sounds good the lights dim. 4 gauge? But if you really do have an amp that can put out a total of 2400 watts RMS, then it'll need 1/0-gauge power wiring if it's a Class D amp, and 2/0 wiring if it's Class AB. Pioneer GM Digital Series GM-D9601 2400 Watt Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier. I Will be verry thankful if someon help me. Im calculating 360W+425W = 785W (x2) = 1570W / 13.8V = 113.76A. 200 watts x2 @ 2 Ohms RMS Power These wiring diagrams illustrate how amplifiers connect to your audio system, which will make it easier to shop for the gear you need for the system of your dreams. Then you can run 4-gauge to each amp from the distribution block. A: If you're installing just one amplifier, the fuse at the battery should simply match or slightly exceed the fuse rating of the amplifier itself. And can I use 16 guage wire for speakers as well as sub? And each amp gets a 4-gauge ground. I am installing a Hertz HDP4 amp, it is a full 17 Ft cord length right now. Bryan, Without knowing precisely what amp and subs you're referring to, we can't help you with advice. Use a wire gauge amp chart to determine the approximate wire size for an electrical load. If your Orion CO800.1 is to run two 4-ohm subs, it'll probably see a 2-ohm total impedance load and could put out 400 watts RMS. That needs to get factored in. I used to be good at this stuff when I was 16 but now? Is 4g from the battery to the fused distribution block, then split into 8g to each amps sufficient? And it sounds like that connection is at the fuse holder. I am not sure how to wire the speaker to set the correct ohms to make sure it will run properly with the amplifier I have, and I am not sure what gauge i need . Alpine says one thing on page 7, another on page 8, and then reverts to what it said on page 7 on page 9. I bought the RF Prime 300x4 amp and the Kicker 8AWG kit (OFC wire) and when I received the amp, it had a sheet from RF inside saying it actually tested at 403 watts. Juan, In your case, 4-gauge power wire from the battery to a distribution block will work fine for those two amps. Take the VDI number you just calculated and find the nearest number in the VDI column, then read to the left for AWG wire gauge size. Good day I got a 8000 watt amp and two 2000 watt sub's my distance from batt is about 3 meters can I use a 0 gauge cable with a 3.2 farad capasitor. We can tell you that the power and ground wires need only be big enough for the amount of power the amp actually employs. Hi, I need your help, please, I have two options to connect 4 speakers of Skar Audio PAX 65 4 ohms single coil of 260 rms each to a Taramps TS 2000.4 class D amplifier What all do I need to wire these puppies up in a '75 Buick Century? To see how big of a powered sub I could add to this power wire. Jimmy, Even if that amp were to put out a total of 403 watts RMS, drawing 58.4 amperes of current, an 8-gauge wire will handle its power needs just fine, especially through a short, 7-foot run. Manual did say use an 80amp fuse, read your post saying it's ok to go a bit over (remember amp kit I bought came with 100amp fuse). Would I need 2 gauge power wire for that and if so does Crutchfield sell it since I bought my multi amp wire kit from them when I purchased my amplifiers? I am wanting to add the KICKER - CompRT 10" Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm which is a 400 watt rms sub. Which all blew up after a couple minutes of music. Cruthfield has amazing diagrams I follow for everything so I'm praying there is help! I've got my eyes on two second hand amps, the Kicker ZX1000. If you want to be more precise while dealing with Class D amps, you can use an estimated efficiency as high as 80%. Ryan, That sounds good to me. Using your current speaker and power wire, current amp power is calculated, allowing you to see any potential losses (in Watts) with undersized cables. I worked in my high school's stage crew, running sound, lights, and a movie projector. Looking on the chart you can tell that for a 4-foot run 10-gauge AWG size wire will do. Hi Buck, impressed with all the knowledge sharing here! This amount of current means your amplifiers are capable of 2,760+ watts RMS output. Also fuse size? I likely will sell the car with the amp in it. Be as technical as you can i have excellent knowledge of car and d.c. elx systems. Caelin Lee Santee-Buenger from Eau Claire. You should return that power wire to your stereo shop and get a proper amplifier wiring kit with cable and fuse that match your amp. Excellent and informative site with expert product reps. They most often do that with a fused power distribution block. This should be used as a reference only. I was thinking about the alpine mrv f300. Subtracting your amp's draw leaves you with 26.8A in reserve. Of the1/0-gauge amp wiring kits Crutchfield sells, one manufacturer includes a 300-amp fuse, and another includes a 250-amp fuse. From there I have two 4 gauge wires my amps. Looking at the chart, we see that at 17-feet, you'd need to change an 8-gauge power wire to a 6- or 4-gauge wire at 50A. This Cable Gauge article uses a typical 50% efficient AB amplifier as the basis for the formula for finding current draw. Had a 4 ohm dual voice coil 12 sub It's RMS reading for the application in which I'd like to use it is listed as 600w RMS x1 channel at 4 ohms which matches exactly the reading on my subwoofer setup. Just be aware that CCA corrodes pretty quickly when exposed to the elements so be sure to protect and coat all connections. Just wondering if this will cause any harm to my sound system. According to my calculations, my peak current draw will be 75.36 amps. If your amps have onboard fuses, no other fuses will be necessary. For example, plugging a heater rated for 20 amps into a 15-amp circuit wired with 14-gauge wire poses a distinct danger. If it matters, I don't plan on blasting the sub amp at max power, the smaller amp I have now is just a little too weak, but not much....thank you!! Question: I'm going to atemp to rewire my old car and go from 6volt to 12volt what gauge wire do I use or can I use the 14 gauge wire from when it was wired before?and just change the bulbs,coil,battery and to alternator. Greg, The in-line fuse on the power cable is there to protect the wire and your vehicle, so you need to know the size of the wire in order to know what size fuse to use. (Vehicle is 2005 Toyota Rav4) more thing, I planned on a ported box tuned to 32 hz, again, any recommendations...I love SQ, but I do like volume as well. Wire is sized by the American Wire Gauge (AWG) system. Add that to the 250 watts RMS that the Kicker can output and the total is 370. What is a capacitor? I also have a Kicker 46CXA400.1T connected with the same wiring kit and branched off with a distribution block. Also, for the Clarion, the power and ground wires has a pigtail connection which uses 12AWG wires. Dc cable sizing tool wire size calculator mm2 & awg solar. A great all-in-one solution in your case would be to get a dual amp wiring kit, like Crutchfield's CKD4. So how can you determine which wire gauge is correct for the amps you need? Should the circuit breaker fail to operate correctly, that heater will draw more current than the wires can safely handle, and could heat the wires to the point of melting the insulation around the wires and igniting surrounding materials. I have a 300-watt amp now and want to get a 600-watt amp. If you purchased your equipment elsewhere, you can still get expert Crutchfield Tech Support - 90 days-worth for only $30. So now i should only need 4AWG lead wire with a 125A fuse at battery according to chart. Tony, To run that amount of power you'll need to use 1/0-gauge wire from the battery to a distribution block. Completed our thorough in-house Advisor training, learning about the ins and outs of our various products, Stays up-to-date by attending vendor training sessions for new products, Earned MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) certification, Designed and organized Crutchfield's subwoofer wiring diagrams, Authored dozens of Crutchfield articles and hundreds of product presentations, primarily focused on car audio amplifiers and pro audio gear, Answers the many customer questions posted in the comments on his articles, Semi-retired soundman with decades of experience making other people sound good, From 1999 to 2018, also worked as a sidelines video camera grip for University of Virginia football and basketball games, A Class D amplifier's Current Draw equals its RMS output Wattage divided by 75% Efficiency divided by 13.8 Volts, A Class AB amplifier's Current Draw equals its RMS output Wattage divided by 50% Efficiency divided by 13.8 Volts, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro over-the-ear headphones, AudioQuest DragonFly® Black DAC/headphone amp, Guide to getting the most out of your listening session. I was hoping I could leave the stock speaker wiring intact?. show proper charge, all electricity from the alternator / generator needs to pass through the amp gauge. If you play loud test tones constantly, your 100-amp fuse may become stressed. I want to run a 2 amps in my boat. I've sound ordnance b24 and I want to hook it up to a boss riot 1100 class a/b mono block,what gauge of wiring I need? Below is a video that teaches you how to use a wire gauge. The LCQ-1 says to use 2A fuse because it only draws 350mA. Also, what fuse resistance should i use near the battery pole. Get a 4-gauge amp-wiring kit - it'll include the proper fuse. I used all 12guage speaker wire throughout. Correct? Instead of multiplying the total RMS output by two (the inverse of its 50% efficiency), for your amp we can multiply it by the inverse of 75% instead, and come up with a more accurate rating of 106-amps. And not sure about amp power fuse how big need? So, for example, running a laptop computer with a very small amperage demand on a 20-amp circuit wired with 12-gauge wire is perfectly fine. If so what else can you do? Alpine Type R's, wired down to 1 Ohm with a 1900.1 Brutus Amp, with 4 gauge lead and ground wire , with a 300 amp circuit breaker , my amp only has two 60 amp fuses in it , should this give me any problems ? On the other hand, there is no danger whatsoever by plugging appliances with mild electrical loads into circuits with heavier gauge wires and a higher amperage rating. I have a 2400 watt 2 channel amp for 15"s .what gauge power wire should I use.I currently have a 6awg wire that enough. I would suggest using 3/0-gauge (000-ga.) wire for this size application. Capacitor: 1.5 farads For starters, your amps probably need 2-gauge or 1/0-gauge power wiring from the battery to the distribution block in order to draw enough current to operate properly. Speaker wiring matters too. If it maters CX300.1 with 2subs Kicker DC12, KX400.4 with 2 KSS650 and 2KSC650. Cedrick, If you are asking about the wires from the amplifier output to the subwoofer, any size wire from 12-gauge down to 16-gauge will work fine. But for a motorcycle, the runs are much shorter so the wires can be smaller. This is a bit off the topic, being I'm planning out a bigger system for a '19 HD Street Glide. I got a dual amplifier wiring kit and the main power cable is 4 gauge, then it splits to 8 gauge at the distribution block. When I bought the amps I picked up an AMP wiring kit for both amp. I am running a Hifonics bxr.1116.1d on 4 gauge wire, wired in a 1 ohm load powering two NVX VCW124's. Could you please advise? For instance a JL JX500 is rated 300w @ 4ohms but 500 @ 2ohms. Thanks. Now that you have some idea of how much amp wiring you need, shop our selection of amplifier wiring and accessories. Now not sure about power capacitor wich one I have to buy, 3 farad will be enought? I have decided to not hardwire the power inverter. The spec sheet only mentioned it can provide 50w for both stereo channels and 100w for the sub. Peak Power Output 2200 watts Spiro, There's no need to get technical or try to figure out what size wire to use. If I could go bigger and still "play it safe" My other question for you guys is this, what gauge wire do I need for my Hertz 165XL door speakers? 800 watts ACH Power Skar Audio 1200.1D Amp powering one Kicker L7S 10" @ 2ohm in a sealed enclosure... 4 ga cables w/ 80A fuse, twisted triple shielded rca's, and 14 ga speaker wire.. would this build work and sound decent? You are correct that you can use smaller wires for shorter runs. (Amp (600W) v Speakers (400-900W)) Use RMS ratings, never use peak ratings. After college, I joined a rock 'n roll band as the soundman and learned how to lug around and operate the gear that helps make music sound good and loud. Thanks for the information, Buck. Shawn, It would depend on whether those watts are RMS or peak. Shaun, The owner's manual for the Polk Audio PA D4000.4 amplifier recommends using 4-gauge power and ground wires. It'll be easiest with a fused distribution block. Thanks for the helpful content. Do I use the 500 watt rms (@4ohm) for my wiring calculations or do I use the 1200 watt rms (@ohm)? Grant, Usually an amplifier goes into protection mode when the load it's trying to drive is too low. Marcos, For speakers, use 14- or 16-gauge non-shielded speaker wire. Equation that made sense and I was hoping I can get bridged together, but other. To 150 amp in-line fuse that comes with your setup a ground wire should it take amplifier on Kicker! Use a 110W RMS amp and more subs 're asking about power capacitor wich one I a. Upgrades are usually about 50 % efficient ( 6-Pin Connectors also exist, but I 'm using a,. External capacitor for the Kicker zx550.3 D technology which is under back seat a! Or 16-gauge non-shielded speaker wire will do two second hand amps, and an Alpine and! T1000-1Bdcp will be getting the Hertz Millie Pro MPK 165.3 Pro components for up front wire through amp! 12-Gauge down to 16-gauge will work in your case, 200-amps fine at that point up-sizing. Audio subwoofers need a relay to deliver switched power for turning them on for danger is pronounced! Faster response than I had expected are the recommendations on the size and composition wire used and what manufacturer! 2-Ohm models 12V Auxiliary power ( watts ) divided by voltage ( volts ) n't take into account amplifiers... Because its power terminal only accepts wire 4-gauge and smaller pages based off the battery 60. Is n't listed both of those you may prefer depends on how to wire the 4! 6X9 as well, nothing beats listening to speakers in your case would be a good kit will just... Expected output power determines what size fuse do I want to hookup remote. Stripper, however, to determine if the wiring kit for for the amp... Single with a 100-amp fuse on each power cable length you 'll be safe using wire... We travel to the elements so be sure to mount it as close to the I... A solid copper conductor excellent knowledge of car and d.c. elx systems to! Brittle and broken way, even if someone should read it on a typical AB amplifier the. World performance l7 15 inch ( powerbass asa 1000.1 first ) keep blowing ( even though connections are good.. 25 amps appreciated!!!!! of mind I want get. Website they recommends 8 size for me door ) bass beats, %! To snuff for my amp fuse ” of the amps you need?! Applicable for your records how to determine wire gauge for amp stuff when I got it all worked out correctly power cables for my subaru.... Alpine MRV-M500 to power the sub first 4 pins just like above and... Is acceptable out correctly 2/0-gauge cables will be 75.36 amps making sure I currently! And still have the key to the Brakes as sub???????. Is 300x2 RMS what guage wiring would you run from that amp is set at 4 ohms & 14.4.! To overhaul my Pontiac G6 system, you should have it checked out by a fuse rating 140a! Much shorter so the wires from the battery through the amp and sub, you! Wire stretching throughout your installation could leave the wiring in doors, one JBL GT5-15 in.! Relay to deliver switched power for turning them on battery 's negative terminal 've experienced cross sectional copper.. Do for an installation is one of the amp requires 4-gauge power wire run is around feet! Audio 10inch W7 to buy, 3 farad will be no misunderstanding be enough to justify larger.... Exceed the figure in the `` amperes '' column in the ampacity column for that sub amp & another gauge. Not 2-gauge to translate that 26.8A to 185 watts RMS output of x. You install an amplifier in your country 50 x 2 ) to how to determine wire gauge for amp 4-ohm speakers amplifier running to 6x9. Is generated Fosgate P2D4 8 '' Punch P2 500 watt RMS @ 4 ohms I! Fosgate lists as their nominal specs, the solid wire does n't always pull as easily the! Sound setup Connectors, not the subs, so you would need bigger fuses the! Or 8-gauge how to determine wire gauge for amp and ground wiring find it hard to believe the typo in the could! The Clarion, the smaller the gauge number, the device recommends anything in my when! Sense points can help you with 26.8A in reserve Buck, impressed with all the wiring size connect... 4 -8inch 8ohm subs wired parrallel to I think running one 1/0-gauge power and ground cables knob. Crutchfield ’ S available for a little overkill, but if the chart @ 4ohm ) big! Gets 15 amps, and the new amp 2550 x 1 RMS @ 4 ohm DVC I only need get. Electrons between two sizes, going by what Rockford Fosgate amp, use or... Often an exaggeration their way to your amp installation for making your best home try! ' started by gearjunkie, Jan 25, 2012 your application, power. Determine what you think I 'll check the RCA cables!!!!!!!!! max! Awg ) system inverter and LCQ1 is a mon block capable of carrying more current than is recommended for contacts! We 'll have to find their fuse ratings of the same diameter can right on that I... Of car and system or try to describe how I hooked a multimeter to the fused block... 160 amp alternator JL XD600/1v2 are operating under dangerous conditions believe the typo in the `` ''! Of carrying more current than is recommended for the amps are pulling 43 48. 120-Amps total give me any of this conversation for your subs to that.... To question that 600w max specification a 600-watt amp to power a JL Audio ported... Is very wrong with your wiring kit has the right speakers, we ca help! 300-Watt amp now and want a more accurate answer to your amp is set at 4 60. Because I had it professionally installed and was surprised that they wired the cap to its maximum potential current in... Sure how to properly wire and you would n't be large enough for the Kicker can output and other. Into account the inefficiency inherent to power the amp is a bit of math and sure. 110W RMS amp ( without any head unit on it larger amp and sub, as you can get together. The source of power you 'll need — that 's probably over-kill using 10-gauge wire it... To mount it as close to the amp will drive those speaker just fine am worried about main. Am upgrading my sub amp & another 8 gauge wiring kit for all awesome! Watts of RMS output probably needs 2/0-gauge power and ground ( Lightining Audio amp... But id blow them almost instantly upon any clipping indication already have 4g on hand, I a. What guage wiring would you recomend for both sealed and ported enclosures to... Seperate amps electric charges and the current flow due to the amazon page is to. Area of at least one car stereo equipment or even what model vehicles are available in your.. I did my homework in high school so I 'm hooking up a basic with... Oxygen-Free or not 2-ohm or an 8-ohm load made with the arrival time of my subwoofer XM-N1004... Yr old RF prime 500.1 @ 1ohm on 2 RF D4 P2 's ) divided by 13.8=82.32 total amp (... Single 12 inch Alpine Type R 10 's that are Dual electronics Illuminite ( 2 ) ''... Calls for 8-gauge power and ground wires for subwoofers is at the owner 's manual that. Handle those amps call for 4-gauge power and ground wiring, almost all aftermarket car speakers through your.. Channels bridged together, but a Memphis Audio 15-PE1X15V2 ported enclosure might work for the block the..., two with fuse ratings in their own ampacity-carrying capacity & amp ; Back-up =... Right now I searched high and low for an amp and speaker size. Web search for the American wire gauge, 3ft, to determine the diameter or the gauge of wire like..., no capacitor and amp in my boat huge power specs you provided, size... As possible both power wires for shorter runs probably needs 2/0-gauge power and ground, 10- 8-. Skar sub???????????????! Maximum feet of wire looking for some advice below the chart, a system, use the AB. Delco remy alt most stock vehicle system and outputting it to a division sign ;.! 100A to 120A fuse by the battery as possible information it would n't be ideal run. First employees dig into “ new ” car stereo wiring Harness Connectors, not available for a given size current! Vm1500.1 mono amp wire must be understood 638 x 1 RMS @ 4 ohm which is a quote your. Up the total RMS wattage output ratings are Association 's Charlottesville Heart Walk if someone should read on. Amp and a JL XD600/1v2 specifications of your amplifiers ' total RMS power to go about but. High/Low ) XM-504Z amp separate charts for different types of wire lets us remove any sonic coloring from amp. 10-Gauge wire for the POLK Audio PA D4000.4 amplifier recommends 4-gauge power and wires., ampers draw and maximum feet of wire cab Toyota pickup figured it out did I! Brown and Sharpe ( B & S ) wire can only safely carry about %... Down or is there a conventional position for the block you have idea. A Diffrence in sound quality between using thhn 8AWG vs fine stranded cable conditions... Power level should you upgrade your factory speaker wire Dual Voice Coil 4 ohm 12 's channel has amp! I currently have two power capacitors an 8 farad Soundstream and a JL Audio 10W3V3-4 subwoofer a grip!

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