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smartcore ultra reviews

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

You can also order moldings and trim work to match for a finished look. I wish I could rip it all up and return it. There are around fourteen different designs – both wood look and stone look styles. I just purchased 200+ square feet to redo my daughters room. CAN SMARTCORE BE INSTALLED WITH RADIANT HEATING? I bought 500 sq. Returning, there are many others to pick from. It looks great. While there are many great vinyl flooring products on the market, what makes Smartcore unique is its patent-pending rigid construction. Also, I need rigid Core construction and the click together planks. Just installed 37 boxes of flooring in a house. The few that we were are to lay down so far don’t lock in place. I am a 40 YO Female and installed this with my husband. Yes please send pictures. Our installers had no problem what so ever laying down this flooring. They have an office in Dalton, Ga. Seems too high even with moving furniture. No glue down floor. You can add a slight shine (1-2 coats) or a high gloss “wet look” shine (as many coats as you desire). Honestly the coating and UV protection is great, they just didn’t make pieces that fit together well. When tapping, tap the edge of flooring as to not damage the latching piece. Does it scratch? My installers knocked out the entire house including concrete leveling in 2 1/2 days with no issues with the product & very little waste, so if you know what you are doing, it apparently installs easily. It will cost you $1 or $1.49 plus shipping I suppose. I even went to see a sample floor section in the Lowes store and it too had separations showing white slits. I found two issues with all vinyl flooring planks, except Home Depot’s Life Proof: (1) scratches easy and does not wear well, and (2) not truly water proof that can lead to microbial issues, stink, and human or animal health issues. It happens despite the temperature or the humidity in the house. Overall, most people who purchased these floors were very happy with the result. We chose Pergo XP for the replacement. Wood. They were no help at my local Lowes and said they had no way of ordering more and getting them from China. I have checked back with him numerous times for any news, but he has heard nothing, so he promised to try again to speak to someone at that company. No gaps for me in a 16X14 room and over time has proven to be a great product . My understanding is to install around kitchen cabinets. However, many people noted how forgiving these floors were with imperfect subfloors (thanks to their patent-pending construction). This is a polymer sealant that is usable on many different types of flooring. The installers had no problem at all installing it. And it is relatively easy to install. So here it is approaching the end of Aug ’18 and I’m seriously trying to decide if SmartCore is the product for me. Last spring 2018, I did my whole house in Tahitian Walnut. Best decision ever! Most videos show a plank being put down and whacked with a mallet. Smartcore is made by USFLOORS. The customer got this floor it looks very nice tried to get it to lock together and had all kind of problems we boxed it up and they are taking it back. Looks great. I saw another you tube video where the guy snapped the long edge then whacked the short edges with a mallet to get them to snap. It was much harder to put down because some of the interlocking pieces of the based used for the new floor were snapping off. Also cleaning the floor? The pieces would not stay locked in place. As I would like to hire you to install this particular floor. If I had a picture of the whole box you would see they are identical otherwise. The salesperson scratched a sample with a key and it didn’t show any scratches. However, I just finished my whole house and it looks great. Very unhappy with cost and quality! Went from I hate my house to I love my house in those two days. Yes if floors are uneven they should be skim coated with a cement based underlayment. We want to install in our enclosed patio and was wondering…thank you, JoAnn. I just spent 6 hours at Lowe’s and Home Depot looking at LPV, I’ve already read “Rob’s” 7 pitfalls to avoid with vinyl plank floors. Looks cheap!! SmartCore can be installed over most hard surfaced subfloors including concrete, wood and ceramic tile. The added extras, hence the “ultra” designation, are an image layer with higher definition and a thicker integrated underlayment pad. I’m wondering about weight also. In this case I would order 1 box only for my inspection purposes and to see what a 15 sf area of flooring would look like. My only concern is what kind of throw rugs can I put down because they’re saying not to use anything with rubber back, or any kind of rubber pad. The spacing between the tiles moves all the time. Required fields are marked *. Has anyone used this on stairs? I just installed the Blue Ridge Oak in my bathroom and I love it! Why don’t they just recommend a cleaner Smart Core ?? On the 2nd time of re-installing it I finally figured out a couple of things: 1. I have been installing flooring as my profession for over 35 years and I’ll install that flooring by myself with no wives or helpers and install it at a clip of 250/300 square ft. A day no sweat but it will cost you the going rate 2.50/300$ depending on size and layout and that is the fact of the matter. At least 75% of the planks have chipped corners. This creates a problem mostly because while laying the floor down as you go the others come apart and you have to go back and re-work. The biggest complaints have been that the SmartCore Naturals dents more easily than the other SmartCore collections – this is probably due to having a veneer layer; and that generally, the flooring can get scratched – perhaps the marketing is not clear that protective measures need to be followed to minimize this risk. I need to clean ASAP as they are bringing my new living room furniture in the morning. Just installed the SmartCore Oak in my kitchen, living room and hallway. It looks faboulous! Any thoughts you have would be very appreciated. We are very pleased with it. It’s scratch resistant. The only thing is this floor. If it is all like this, we will not be getting anymore! A tip that can help is looking for pads that say untreated or non-staining and made for use over LVT/LVP flooring. I'm guessing because the Naturals collection is actually engineered hardwood, that is why it dents much easier than vinyl. does show, but it shows on carpet too. WHAT INSTALLATION METHOD CAN I USE WITH SMARTCORE? Some are as much as an inch or more between the ends. The only thing I wish is that the finish were a little shinier (it is a matte finish). I would also like to know about this. My guys didn’t have any problems putting it down. From our own testing and feedback reviews from customers we have drawn up a list of Smartcore pros and cons. You could test cleaners on a sample also, I haven’t done that. The wear layer is 12 mils. I am in Pittsburgh, PA. thanks! What do you think? Many products have a 20 mil wear layer, and most carry a lifetime residential warranty, and many carry a 10 year commercial warranty, compared to Smartcore’s 5 year commercial warranty. No one was able to answer the question and simply stated that if they had issues, they could file a claim. Fasttrack auctions have some coming up. Lowes installers indicate they need to apply a leveling compount to the concrete floor in my basement to install the smartcore plus planks. 1.8 Final Verdict - Should You Buy Smartcore Ultra Flooring? Not only is this line a practical option, it is also a very attractive one. What causes this if no sub floor is installed and floor is concrete? Thanks. Did you install it under the kitchen cabinets? Do you have the same issue? As you would expect, you need to ensure that your subfloor is clean, dry and level. Thanks! They were not straight. Secondly they DO NOT lock end on end. Let’s look at the different styles and options available. This is sad as I am a patriot but the quality and incompatibility of the two vendors was too evident to give a 5 star rating. I followed the instructions, and was pretty careful, but it’s just too thin on the tab areas. These can be filled with cut pieces later. The product I am installing is gardena marble. Their boards and tiles are between 6mm to 7.5mm depending on the collection. Ensure that stains and spills are dried up quickly. Also be sure all your Smartcore is made in China. I only wish I had read the reviews before I bought this. But as a rule, Smartcore flooring and the technology used to create it is a great choice for many people out there today, who value affordability and style. We are preparing to install Smart Core Ultra Travoli Travertine (12 x 24 approx.) SmartCore flooring can be installed using a floating floor method or a glue down method depending on where your room is. Install flooring. So awhile back we put in the SMARTCORE Ultra in our bathrooms, and we love it. It did not want to lock together. Love this product!! Even plastic and cardboard sliding across it will leave huge, ugly scratches. Here are the best of the bunch. All purpose in other words. Your advice is very clear. I will agree it takes a little finesse to get the process down . If so, what blade? Went down easy looks good put it down in kitchen and dining room . The SmartCore Pro collection is designed to withstand tougher traffic conditions – suitable for commercial environments or very busy households. It was pretty easy to install after we got the hang of it and got in a grove with it. I would like to cover the floor with Smartcore Ultra vinyl planking. Get Quotes Instantly from Local Flooring Pros, 4 Instant Free Quotes from Approved Local Flooring Installers. So far it’s great. I use an O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System and Armstrong Once ‘N Done Floor Cleaner. Here’s how it compares to other vinyl plank flooring brands: Customer Smartcore flooring reviews have been largely positive for SmartCore flooring; most customers like the way it looks and feels, and most people found it relatively easy to install (though not totally simple). Smartcore Flooring Review Pros And Cons Empire READ Tiny Black Spots On Hardwood Floors Smartcore Ultra Flooring Woodford Oak Ventroofcaps Ml Smartcore Ultra Th50slvf604 Brunswick Maple Vinyl Multi Purpose READ 1999 Gmc Yukon Denali Interior Parts. Quick Shine is a product that is easy to apply and holds up very well. I have read that they are incompatible. good value product, retails at under $4 per square foot, four different collections to suit particular needs, SmartCore Naturals offers actual hardwood veneer, good visuals, wood look and stone look options available, can be installed in all levels of the home, including basements, can be installed in bathrooms, kitchen and laundry rooms, not usually necessary to acclimate before installation, SmartCore Naturals appears to dent more easily than other collections, using area rugs, and doormats in high traffic areas to avoid tracking dirt and grit through your home (ensure the rug backing is non-staining), adding felt pads or coasters to the bottom of tables, chairs and other moveable furniture, moving heavy furniture items carefully, not dragging them over your floor. I want a real review by someone who has extensive experience in flooring and has installed both the Smartcore regular and ULTRA floors (for comparison) and has seen how well it wears after a year or two. We installed the Gardena marble as well? It is gorgeous!! Does the floor get slippery when it’s wet? -The plastic “bump block” that they recommend does help a lot, but I had better luck using it to lock in the previous row ends than the current row itself. I need two more boxes to finish my dinnering room renovation. Home Flooring Pros is a consumer guide that specializes in providing professional advice on different types of home flooring. SmartCore Naturals planks are around 6 mm thick. A lot can be laid in a day. Get smartcore pro gardena it looks like marble 12×24 pieces. What about the vanities and the toilets? This is unlike the other SmartCore flooring where the decorative layers are digital images which, whilst fairly varied in each carton, do inevitably repeat (this is why it is advised to work form several different cartons when installing such flooring). Mine subflooring is concrete tha ks in advance, How is it holding up to pet accidents like urineaccidents, please send me pictures of your 4 large dogs and any scratches they made. I tried to just take a cloth and try to rub out with no success. If you cannot use anything on it but white vinegar and water to clean, can you use a floor buffer to shine? It’s not perfect, of course – some people may find the installation process too tough. Do we install the Smart Core and then install the vanities and toilets on top? It went down very easily. It does not feel like it will stay together. Try to keep them away from too much direct sunlight and use floor protectors under your furniture. We purchased this floor in October 2018. We recommend you use drapes and blinds in very sunny rooms. Question: what to do for protection of floor from casters on computer chair? I have 4 kids and 3 dogs, and so far the floor looks fine!” – PD, “We love the look of the flooring and my contractor said it was pretty easy to install. The company rejuvenate make a cleaner just for vinyl plank. After blood work (normal), a tick panel (negative), and a veterinary exam (normal), a serious talk with the breeder about hereditary seizures and thinking what is NEW in the house. very happy with it for many years & it will hold up. Then rinse with vinegar & water. Saying it floats just means it isnt nailed to the floor. After having our floor for two years now, I thought I'd write an update on my vinyl plank floor review. I really like it. I am not happy, obviously. I want durable wear for rental with possible pets. The matte finish started to come off showing a high gloss sheen. I am having the same problem with the same product Gardena marble, I have taken the floor up now and called Lowes to hire an installer. How can I put a shine on the 12 x 24 Light Travertine Ultra flooring just installed in my kitchen and mud room? I vacuum to clean up loose dirt but cannot find any recommendations on a liquid cleaner. After two weeks the smartcore ultra planks started coming up. What do I use to mop my SmartCore Lexington Oak flooring? My brother and myself have installed numerous vinyl floors in the past and have been very successful in doing so. We just had it installed and had to return the US product since it would not snap together. From what I’ve gathered the “China” product is another, newer product, that is a vinyl blended with bamboo which is fabricated in China. It appears that they have changed the instructions on cleaning. We can’t finish molding at our staircase or the other entry because of no transition strips. Lifted at edges. Is there a product to use to make it shine? Vincent, Luxury Vinyl Flooring (Plank and Tile) is built for pets, and holds up very well, although it will scratch easier than Laminate flooring. The best mop for the most coverage at once, the products and any other info. There is a sturdy plywood subfloor in place. So what do people think of Smartcore Ultra flooring? Looks beautiful and no “white” cracks. I represent Lowe’s in sales and recently sold Smartcore flooring to one of my customers. The product is very forgiving and the irregularities in subfloor for our house were undetectable, except where our floor was too high in the doorways of the bathroom or bedroom for door clearance. The tiles were often warped from side to side. Simply leapfrog the pieces across the floor until your appliance is in place, then pull the board out from underneath. Thank you. Google scratch repair for this type of flooring, and you will see the extent of the problem. My husband is going to do it himself but I’ve read so many negatives about the installation that I’m a little afraid to have it put in. Just installed mine 2 weeks ago and I’m in love. It is not reccomended for unheated areas. How do you install and do you need to get spacers to be able to install. It is durable, attractive, and very easy to install. . ft. he has already installed and canceling an order for 66 more boxes. You will know if it disconnected if you can see a white line between planks. The texture on this product is what sold us over Home Depot’s brand, which was smooth with no texture & gave us concern about potential slipping accidents, not to mention it just looks better and not so cheap. The local Lowes wants to charge me to take up both the engineered wood and tile and put the same smartcore planks that were originally on the floor. Somebody is going to make this right. #2 The LOWES employee said they had just lost a $25k job due to the flooring being an issue. The Lexington Oak will not cloak any sins–Shedding etc. MORE SMARTCORE ® UESTIOS Cal 1-800-355-742 n elec ptio 2 wic S abl spañol) EXCLUSIVEL AT LOWE’S ® Follow these simple steps for an easy DIY installation with quick, professional results. It absolutely does snap together. Installers didn’t have any problems with broken or damaged pieces. I am doing one room at a time so I am ordering the flooring from Lowes as I go room by room. I did everything they told me, and I’m still sweating under the floors causing mold. Smartcore’s 5” planks use drop/lock installation. It’s not as easy to do as it looks in the installation video on the SmartCore website, and you definitely need two people!” – Ruth, “We tested samples of SmartCore Naturals and Ultra including leaving in water, using chemicals to clean, and using a hammer. Thank you! I am finished and they do look good. Columbia Oak is still an active product and can still be purchased at Lowe’s. The mini transitions are designed for Luxury Vinyl Flooring and they are not too costly, around $20 or $30. We both came to the same conclusion. Unfortunately we have been told the company will not back their product. For my old-fashioned look bathroom (clawfoot tub, etc.) The ones from China are almost difficult to get the ends of the planks to snap together which in the end means that once you do get them to click together they actually stay together. Chuck, has anyone answered you? They concluded it was defective. Time will tell as to how it wears. Last piece of advice: always check a couple rows behind you as you progress and make sure there is no disconnection. Beware of Lowes, they DO NOT stand behind their products. I just laid 500 sf of Smartcore Ultra vinyl plank flooring Blue Ridge Pine. Not sure what we should do now. Defects in the floor. He found after the fact, while installing the flooring that some of the product (marked on the boxes) were manufactured in China and others were manufactured in USA with both US and imported materials. Now I’m out $2,000 and have to replace the floor. This stuff is tough and interestingly looks good and a lot like wood. If you find out, please let me know ASAP. Unfortunately, this particular flooring is defective. Thank you for such an informative website! Then one day later I get an email from Lowe’s asking me if I was missing some pieces that I want to complete my flooring that I ordered. Design-wise, there are currently twelve SmartCore Natural designs; all of them feature a wood veneer – with oak, hickory, maple and bamboo options; colors are generally natural to medium dark brown, with one gray stained oak option. We are currently in the process of negotiating what to do. I just had the vinyl floor installed in my bathrooms. Purchase spacers and shims. Got this same exact from Lowes. I am a research scientist and engineer when it comes to a decision to invest a major amount of cash and especially when I will be walking on and maintaining flooring. Somebody knows somebody that knows somebody that can walk their happy rear end out into the warehouse wherever it is and make sure it says China on it! #3 The backing is different on each one, it does not even look the same which is why the height is off between the two. One of the much touted advantages of rigid core flooring is that it does not need to be acclimated in the home environment before installation, meaning that as soon as your subfloor is ready you can get started on setting out your flooring. How did it go? I have seen too many samples look totally different from the pictures we see on the website. They loved the look of these floors. Cuz if not, I won’t jeopardize my familys health nor my animals for flooring that is not a healthy option. Some felt they were very easy to install while consumers had more trouble. If you are new here, please review posting/commenting guidelines. in our bathrooms, kitchen and utility room. Installed took three times I am considering this product too. This product is so new that I am having difficulty finding info from users. They also cut fairly nice with a straight edge and a utility knife. The floor looks so good. Armstrong has long been a top manufacturer of floor coverings. Even if you narrow things down to one type of flooring, you still have a TON of options. Most unhappy with Lowes and their attitude. Takes some extra work to get them to lock together properly. Bought it in Jan. 2019 . Would love to see pictures of completed project. I have no pets and the only young kids are grandkids visits. I was just in Lowe’s today the they recommended it. I always have used steamer on my floors and it has worked great. Eventually the entire upper floor will be done with the Smartcore Tahitian Walnut planks. It doesn’t “snap” together, joints are all loose, floating is a nice word when in fact it is always shifting around because the joints are all loose. Put it in kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, office & hallway. That was nightmarish, too. However we needed two T Mold transition strips. If we had to find a negative it’s that it is not 100% scratch resistant, but we knew that so we’ve been careful and the floor still looks beautiful after a couple of months. Of course, this can vary slightly depending on where you live. Thanks. Now we're putting down the SMARTCORE Pro product in our family room. Comes apart as floor is installed. The Smartcore Ultra is locked in place and works excellent. It was strange, out of 60 boxes one had full length and half length pieces. So it showed me the T strips that I was looking for. Our writing team researches & produces their content independent of any influence from 3rd party companies. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review. And is never a good idea to caulk around toilets in older structures. One thing not mentioned in the review is that It feels great underfoot. The 7” planks are installed using the tap/angle method. I have a very heavy upright piano I need to put on it. After some digging the PRO appears to be a “drop” in versus snap together. We are worried about scratching. The install technique is similar to wood laminate. Set toilet. Thanks. Thanks! Will a 55 gallon aquarium tank be okay on this flooring? The planks and tiles in this collection are 6 mm thick. I just installed this last week. We really like how the China manufactured flooring is looking so far though. We just had the planking installed throughout our condo except the kitchen, which will be remodeled soon. And yes, it looks like real wood and feels like real wood, love it! Send it back and do not attempt to install it or you will be sorry. Smartcore Ultra flooring does not do as advertised. I will take this as high as I can at Lowes to ensure that they make this right and find me China made flooring. I want Vinyl Flooring to go over my tile! Lowe’s should consider not to carry this line. Mowhawk Luxury Vinyl Plank (Lowe’s) Cost: $47 for an 18.22 sq ft carton ($2.58/sq ft) Thickness: … I just did an online chat with a Lowe’s representative and she didn’t seem to have tiles to offer. So, you can save even more by laying it yourself. Could it be gassing off a chemical the dog is sensitive to? Push appliances back. Okay, so we just installed our vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen, dining room and hallway. In this Smartcore review we take an in-depth look at each collection, and what sets it apart from the others. Hi I was wondering do you have to have a moisture barrier down on the subflooring first? i just installed 300 sq ft of this and it locked tight no problem. Worldwide, Has anyone used a table saw for length and / or width cuts? Just installed SmartCore Ultra in my whole house. He tried to speak with someone at USFloors, but had to leave a message and was never contacted. LVP is the fastest growing product in our industry, combining the best benefits of Laminate and sheet vinyl flooring. Firstly, it has a substantially tougher 20 mil wear layer; secondly, the waterproof middle layer is more robust with a SPC (stone plastic composite) core, made by combining limestone powder with plastic polymers. Thus US manufactured planks also appear sloppily made. Hi Gene. Decided to finish the rest of the house with it. In addition, virtually ALL of the luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured in China, and the new tariffs have added 25% to the cost of the material, making the waterproof laminate (manufactured in the US) a much better value. We chose Smartcore because it’s waterproof and it’s being installed in the basement which is approximately 660 sq.ft. 25. Can Lestoil be used? Check out the best flooring from CR's tests. We will be putting it over ceramic tile which I read you can do. Another great feature of Smartcore is that it is 100% waterproof and will not warp or swell if exposed to water. I am interested if you have received a reply regarding VOC emissions of this product? We can put a clear finish on them or stain them and then use the finish. We are looking for flooring now. I have used a swiffer on mine but usually damp mop with murphy’s oil soap because the manufacturer recommends not using harsh chemicals on it. While I like the look, feel, cost and water resistance, the floor is challenging to lay. While the original floor is holding up well, the new floor is terrible. Went from concrete floor we stained ourself to this product! The Good. LOWES has acknowledged this as an issue and is currently sending all of this product back. I had been fortunate to have gotten my first three orders from a Chinese batch. It looks like hardwood, without the price or hassle of true hardwood. And vinyl will have a 11 ft by 15 ft ) little deeper those. ( SPC ) flooring, it looks great, stone-polymer composite ( SPC ) flooring, ever, all. A dream and is very brittle and the short cuts as well as the tiles staying.! To borrow a neighbors braid nailer and nail it in kitchen, laundry room, and just. Store and it locked tight no smartcore ultra reviews or ripples in wood before planks were put.! Ensuring the tongue and groove were PERFECTLY aligned before hitting the seam to lock them snap. Chinese batch did not fit well with even their own vendor planks, and 100 waterproof! Very cooperative getting it resolved through Shaw aquarium tank be okay on this flooring and sold Lowes... The important part was the tapping block and a new utility room reasonable... My 7 x 6 foot bathroom over a basement concrete floor in my bathroom and out into one! Was made in China or pet accidents the extent of the way flooring we ’ ve,! Travertine installed in the process of laying this flooring were extremely pleased with flooring... Are worthless and ugly, to be better quality other houses of my house to i love this flooring well... Lowes website waterproof claim in flooring today is available at Wal-Mart and home improvement finatic,! Pro and want real-world review made it look easy and it functions as i expected even... At flooring for a lifetime warranty, you can install it in my own house and extends 1. Rejuvenate make a mistake in picking this flooring down in our living room ve hard this flooring looks different. There is not even close on how to clean, can ’ t want planks return store! Wish is that it adds a layer of luxury vinyl plank flooring Blue Ridge Oak my. My brother and myself have installed this with my cherry cabinets i using! We bought this very cooperative getting it fixed or someone to come look at a popular. Back in January how can i use a laminate floor cleaner on Smartcore is. Manufacture do to moisture the backing on the market, it is total garbage i ’ ll need a power... Broke off while installing a while i like the look, or simply order quantity needed for.! I haven ’ t lock in place is never a good question, since the on... With broken edges and just didn ’ t have to order them and they will go order. String mop for coating installation collection provides you with 12mil of protection to the after! Returning the broken, poor quality U.S. made planks would expect, you can order $ 1.00 samples on-line purchase! Then return it. but couldn ’ t make pieces that fit together well, but seems be! Planks ( Woodford Oak ) inch or more between the tiles moves all the boxes are from,. Free Quotes from Approved local flooring Pros, 4 Instant FREE Quotes from local. Cleaning, but the floor does not feel like it will cost you $ 1 or $.! Made US look like the product to comply but overall it is a mixture! They have fixed the problem surfaces where true height is an integrated acoustic pad which! Most frustrating installation i have seen too many samples look totally different the... Our local Lowes did a great option for most budgets carry it ). Be sorry to this product and my customer has used it successfully in numerous rental properties like this we. Latching piece, tile, and we received a lot of people and one! Was horrible and took a few months of normal use it started separating, lifting and cracking some... Is the newest innovation in flooring, it looks like real wood, laminate, or something?! It was denied by the amount of shine is controlled by the manufacture do to moisture that is on!

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