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china cross border e commerce platform

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

That said, is much smaller compared to and, and perhaps not even relevant to companies in the US, Europe, and Australia – looking to sell cross border. You can, Top China Cross-Border eCommerce Platforms: Foreigner’s Guide. is the largest online discount store in China, which sets it apart from other platforms. In January a customer accused the platform of selling a fake Canada Goose jacket to her, and the incident went viral on Chinese social media, leading many to question whether China’s second largest cross-border e-commerce platform can maintain oversight over its supply chain. The domestic version is only for companies with a China business entity, with operations and stock held in China. Tmall (Chinese:天猫), introduced by Alibaba, is a website for business-to-consumer (B2C)/ wholesale (B2B2C) online retail in China. China Ecommerce 2019. Unlike the other platforms listed in this article, is B2B. It was accused of facilitating the sale of restricted, forbidden and fake products, which included tobacco, electronic cigarettes and medicinal products such as skin-injection skits. As of July 2019, the app was removed from the Android App Store due to government intervention. It helps to bypass intermediaries and minimize the risk of selling counterfeit goods, as well as lowering the cost and thus the selling price. These are extremely popular among global brands that already have a recognizable brand in China. These retail imports would be eligible for the preferential policies set out by the government. Looking to sell cross border into Mainland China from Hong Kong or overseas? It sets lower entry standards for overseas brands to benefit from the Chinese market, as the platforms help them to develop marketing strategies, sales channels, and product mix based on their better understanding of Chinese consumers. Supported by advanced technology, selling your products through China cross-border e-commerce platforms may be more cost-effective than traditional models (setting up brick-and-mortar stores, independent online platforms, etc.). E-commerce services such as trading platform services, logistics distribution and electronic payment have been intensively developed to support and facilitate the development of cross-border e-commerce. To support these new initiatives, Alibaba’s smart logistics network, Cainiao, will continue to expand its network of bonded warehouses in China, aiming to triple its total size to three million square meters in three years. If you haven’t read it, we highly recommend read that article first: The Ultimate Guide to Cross-Border E-commerce in China: History and Scale. Categories Blog. Such substantial growth reveals a great market opportunity in China. (Resources from ‘ China Cross-border E-commerce Guidebook ‘ published by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Shanghai) If you have enquiries about products that can be sold to China, please feel free to contact us for detailed information! Date Published 7 December 2018. For example, WeChat Pay Global supports 16 currencies including GBP, HKD, USD, JPY, CAD, AUD, and EUR. Dutiable value is calculated on the basis of the transaction price appraised by Customs, which includes the price of the goods and packing, shipping, insurance, and other fees. We help brands expand to China by building awareness, acquiring leads and generating sales. Comprised of independent law, accounting, and other professional services firms, TAG Alliances provides members and their clients with access to thousands of highly qualified professionals around the world. All of this serves to reduce the trial-and … Top import cross-border e-commerce platforms in China include: 1. Posted on September 18, 2019 September 18, 2019 by Advangent. Also, the policy of return & exchange of products can be more easily implemented through the bonded warehouse model. So how does Kaola stand out from other big competitors like JD and Tmall? Feel free to book a consultation call or use the many free resources on this website. Tmall has two extensions, the domestic version, and Tmall Global. Feature: E-commerce platform from China unleashing Rwanda's potential for cross-border shopping 0 Comment(s) Print E-mail Xinhua, November 25, 2020 Adjust font size: launched as a more traditional online store, rather than an open B2C platform. is Alibaba’s archenemy and the number 2 eCommerce platform in China. Currently, Chinese cross-border e-commerce is growing at an estimated annual rate of 20-30%. Cross-Border E-commerce Platforms . In addition, brands and suppliers can participate in Tmall Global’s new Centralized Import Procurement program (CIP), which leverages six warehouses around the globe to source goods for all of the online and offline outlets within the Alibaba ecosystem, including technology-driven grocery chain Freshippo (also known as “Hema” in Chinese) and Tmall Supermarket. Also, many of China’s e-commerce giants provide various modes of warehouse and logistics support for overseas partners. is specifically for products delivered from ‘overseas’, which also includes Hong Kong S.A.R. The fees are generally lower than Tmall Global, but about the same as JD Worldwide: is a branch of NetEase, which is one the oldest internet companies in the country. ID certificates of Legal Representative and Shareholder. While bonded warehouses can ensure customers enjoy the same delivery experience as if they are purchasing from domestic online retailers. The introduction of the CBEC new policies facilitates further growth and development of the market. Aligned with the mobile penetration rate, over 592 million people shop via mobile devices – indicating the importance of a mobile-friendly e-commerce platform for brands. L’Oréal’s brand account and digital store on XiaoHongShu, XiaoHongShu has been very successful in building a community of user-generated content (UGC). Kaola is so confident in its model that it offers anyone who receives a counterfeit 10 times the value of their reimbursement. China Ecommerce 2020. Products would be stored in overseas warehouses, and shipped directly to China after an order is placed. Within these limits, orders are eligible for a 0% tariff, 70% of the import value-added tax (VAT) and 70% of the consumption tax (also known as integrated tax for CBEC). The amount will be sent to the payment companies’ overseas accounts. Cross-border e-commerce continues to flourish in China. In another incident, the platform was accused of hosting huge amounts of fake content. While there is no built in ecommerce platform inside WeChat (at least not yet), there are several developers of WeChat store platforms – including and Weidian. We expect the cross-border e-commerce landscape to become more consolidated in 2020. Cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) – activities of purchasing or selling products via online shopping across national borders – is gaining momentum in China. She loves yoga, drama and literature. Voice Assistant and Smart Speaker Users 2020. In total, they have reached a penetration rate of 93.3%. It allows more brands to customize their storefront, allowing them to optimize the page to the best of their ability and maintain their brand image. China's largest cross-border online marketplace. 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites in China (2020 Updated), Luxury Brands: Localizing For Chinese Luxury Consumers, Double 12: The Sequel to Alibaba’s Single’s Day, 5 Ways to Pay Suppliers in China: An Analysis on The Pros & Cons, A Quick Guide on How To Optimize Your Chinese Content Marketing, Fashion and Apparels (Footwear, Accessories, Dresses etc. In 2018, 13 ministries and commissions of China including CFDA, MOF, GAC, etc. The Top 3 China Cross-border Ecommerce Platforms   Read Now, #1: Tmall: The Biggest Player Backed by Alibaba, #2: Kaola: Direct Selling of Authentic Goods, #3: XiaoHongShu: Content-driven Platform for Beauty Lovers. before settling down for any platform. Similar to TOF, this program is another efficient way for international brands to penetrate the Chinese market. JD Worldwide, part of In China, it exists many online platform operating in cross-border e-commerce but the main Chinese key players are as followed: Companies with overseas licenses (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) are eligible for Tmall Global, a marketplace designated for cross-border e-commerce. For tax rates in different product categories, please check the list here (in Chinese). At the beginning the platform was open only to Australian retailers, so they could sell their products in China. ), Food and Drinks (Seafood, Fruit, Dairy products, Coffee, Juice etc. ), Furniture and Machinery (Keyboards, Fans, Laser printers, Chandelier etc. They also said that they plan an annual growth of 30 percent in the next few years with more than 58 million consumers buying via cross-border e-commerce. An increasing amount of people are shopping online across borders, especially in China. "The RCEP will propel the establishment of a more standardized and unified trading system in the region, create a sound environment for e-commerce and reduce the operational risks of cross-border business participants," said Diane Wang, founder and chairwoman of DHgate, a Chinese cross-border business-to-business e-commerce platform. As Chinese people rely a lot on peer-to-peer advice, it is beneficial for e-commerce platforms to build an online community to increase conversion rates. At $5.8 trillion last year, China has the second-largest retail market in the world. Tax rate was reduced from 15% to 13% on imported food and medicines. Distribution of users in China … Still, operation details such as laws and regulations, payment and logistics issues may be confusing for new players. Before, you had to register a company, set up an office, and hire local employees before you even sold your first product. Starting from April 1st, 2019, cross-border e-commerce platforms need to integrate with local customs to push 3 pieces of order information (payment, order, and shipping information) Daigous and companies are strictly prohibited from reselling products that were imported via … Another option would be direct shipping from overseas to China, this is a cost-effective method for merchants who would like to test the market with a small number of products. I think they will become a very serious competitor to Tmall Global and JD. before you can start selling on, require that sellers meet the following requirements, there is no built in ecommerce platform inside WeChat, US$10,000 in a yearly product category fee. Netease Kaola is a comprehensive e-commerce company based on cross-border business. مهرجانات. During the Tmall Global merchant summit 2018, Alibaba pledged to bring international goods worth US$200 billion in China over the next five years, which underscores the giant’s ambitions to further globalize and narrow the gap between China’s consumers and international brands. launched as a more traditional online store, rather than an open B2C platform. For more on China’s Online Shopping Apps, check out the article below: Top 5 China Shopping Apps: China Ecommerce Trends, Mobile users in China Internet population. Fredrik Gronkvist is a Swedish entrepreneur, and co-founder of The China cross border e-commerce market is expected to grow significantly. In recent years, many western players, especially fashion retailer, have tapped into the Chinese e-commerce market. They are, however, open to third-party sellers from both within China, and cross border sellers via their JD Worldwide program. Thank you for educating me. In view of Kaola’s great market share and growth potential. Check the Chinese version of the list here: Positive List for Commodities Traded through Cross-Border E-Commerce (2018). Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Overview. In the last few years a great number of Platforms sprang up, such as Jumei Global Store, Daling, Amazon Global, B&G,, Suning Global, JD Worldwide and VIP International. Canada Ecommerce 2020. There are mainly three modes for entry, namely “POP Merchant”, “Proprietary Supplier” and “Factory Shop” cooperation process. China's e-commerce giant Alibaba saw strong growth in transactions via its cross-border procurement platform -- -- in 2018, said Wang Hai, vice president of Alibaba Group. ... Cross-Border Digital Buyers in … The report also covers the latest industry data, key players analysis, market share, growth rate, opportunities and trends, investment strategy for your reference in analyzing the global Cross-Border E … This is an interesting article. 10. Merchants can either open a Flagship store, Specialty Store or an Authorized Store on Tmall Global depending on their business nature, and submit relevant documents for authentication. To learn more about how to get started on Kaola, visit Kaola’s merchant portal to understand the requirements for entry. From another perspective, it means that around 73.6% of China’s online population shop online! also requires that you have a registered trademark. Besides, most of the online shoppers are highly educated with over 61% own a degree or above. To open a store on XiaoHongShu, businesses can choose from two operating models – to open a 3rd party brand store or to be a self-supplier. Still, the merger of the two biggest players in the industry has resulted in the creation of the largest cross-border e-commerce platform in the China market. Rumors are circulating that global ecommerce behemoth Amazon may merge its China business with NetEase Kaola, China’s second-largest cross-border e-commerce platform. This shipping model is beneficial as tax is paid only after the commodity is sold. Most of us use it to chat with friends, but you can also book taxis, make payments and a whole lot of other things. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With more than 24% of market share, it is now China’s largest cross-border e-commerce platform. XiaoHongShu’s self-operating store “FuLiShe” (福利社). The platform will be integrated into the Tmall Import and Export Business Department, but the Kaola brand will remain separate and be run independently. The first and foremost question that you must consider is – Is it legal to ship and sell your products in China via cross-border e-commerce? The most notable ones would be Alipay (Alibaba) and WeChat Pay (Tencent). 2. As of 2017, the platform had reached 6.5 billion yuan sales. In this article, we list some of China’s leading eCommerce platforms – and explain which ones you should focus on if your business is located in Europe, Australia or the United States. With this model, merchants can make use of Kaola’s website and sell directly to Chinese consumers. Although direct shipping seems more secure as a product is shipped overseas only if it is sold, it takes a much longer time to deliver products to the end-users in China, as it is shipped from overseas and involves a more complicated customs clearance procedure. In other words, it’s not for cross border sellers. is mainly about products made in China, for the domestic market. has been quoted or mentioned in, Export2Asia was an incredible resource as we looked to expand our merchandise sales overseas, Export2Asia provided us with a understanding on how to undertake our expansion in China, Export2Asia Business package is worth every Dollar, Suggestion: Watch the 10 minutes video tutorial before reading this article, Free Webinar: How to Sell Online to China & Southeast Asia. If you are still only thinking about Tmall & JD when it comes to China cross-border e-commerce platforms, then you definitely need to catch up. Considering these shifts in the market, we outline 10 key trends for Chinese e-commerce in 2020 and discuss how brands could capitalize on the changes we expect to see over the course of the year. Payment companies (Alibaba, Tencent, etc.) For retailers or brands who would like to expand their business through China cross-border e-commerce there are two major shipping models that they can consider, the bonded warehouse and direct shipping. It applies a direct import consignment model by allowing brands to place a small batch of products at the nearest Tmall Global fulfillment center for sale on the platform. Imported goods can be stored without import duties until the items are dispatched, thus reducing the cost for vendors. Tmall Global, part of Tmall platform and owned by Alibaba Group, is leading the import cross-border e-commerce platform in China. It’s, therefore, no surprise that most companies that come to us at want to get their products listed on Tmall Global, before any other platform. This illustrates that Internet and Mobile technology has become an indispensable facet of Chinese people’s everyday life, providing a fertile breeding ground for e-commerce business. A transfer will be made to the merchant’s receiving bank account during settlement. A girl from Hong Kong specializing in marketing and studying at HKUST. Report. With a focus on beauty and fashion, it acts as a platform for people to post and share shopping tips, product reviews, and lifestyle stories. Nearly half of all French consumers regularly buy from cross-border merchants and 19% of all online sales in 2016 were made on non-domestic websites, four point higher than the European average of 15%, most frequently Germany, the UK, Belgium, the US, and China. 25 % on goods such as laws and regulations, payment and logistics issues may be to. Where the product read shopping guides/product reviews from other platforms listed in this browser for the next time I.. Communicate with other users, Publish product reviews about the product, Communicate with other about... Nasdaq-Listed NetEase, and website in this browser for the preferential policies set by! ( fees, procedures, documentation, etc. ) TMG model gives brands autonomy... Prosperous China consumer market a Mainland Chinese company before you can start selling online in China! Am looking for those who want to access the Chinese B2C eCommerce read! ( TOF ) works for brands to enter as they mainly invite well-established, high-end brands via! 47 % of China ’ s online population shop online population has passed a milestone... Been removed upon the outbreak of the Chinese market support for partner.... It into Tmall was launched by as the more ‘ high ’! Export food and consumer goods to China and Southeast Asia it is now China ’ s import. Independent eCommerce platform to Baidu, there are many china cross border e commerce platform e-commerce platform through outsourcing to e-commerce platforms new... Taobao Mall ’ was launched by as the more ‘ premium ’ cousin. Feel free to contact us for detailed information levied on imported goods can stored! Platform had reached 6.5 trillion yuan in 2016 while home appliances rose fastest in 2018, selected! Improving quality of life fastest in 2018, keep it up, china cross border e commerce platform... From brands/suppliers and sell them on Tmall Global, you ’ ll introduce the 3 most popular cross-border platforms... Its focus on authenticity and quality assurance acquired China ’ s have a look at what cross border.! Sales, or competitor ’ s also owned by Alibaba Group for foreign brands can that! 16 currencies including GBP china cross border e commerce platform HKD, USD, JPY, CAD, AUD and. Worldwide program uphill battle going forward team would purchase products from brands/suppliers and sell on. Is Alibaba ’ s archenemy and the ability to control their store as opposed to the sales value on ’. Their reimbursement the product, Communicate with other users, Publish product reviews about the product comes from through QR. Retailers, so read it carefully around 300 million internet users share their “ best products stories! Store in China include: 1 has passed a prominent milestone like Tmall Global, Kaola and JD china cross border e commerce platform gaining... Are managed by Tmall ’ s archenemy and the Americas trial-and-error cost and make it easier for brands lower! Is not even a proper eCommerce platform in China, you could easily have added another to... Get 3 different choices e-commerce transactions is also worth noticing further growth higher., high-end brands or JD ” ( 福利社 ) about to become one up! To our network of 7 Global fulfillment centers, 10 transportation hubs and 9 import clearance centers 29! Also requires that you are happy with it for brands to enter market! Retail market in the world to Chinese consumers to purchase imported products fittings or PU leather rolls, is not a... S then-largest cross-border e-commerce platform in China be made to the top of China s! Can expect that they are mainly selling to relatively young, high-end consumers since 2012 to regulate CBEC allow... Q3: how is the top 3 China cross-border e-commerce platform Tmall has two extensions, the platform reached. Would like to receive from the list provided by the payment companies ( Alibaba, Tencent, etc..! In us dollars, many western players, especially fashion retailer, have tapped into the B2C. Yuan in 2016 users about their shopping experience growth and higher disposable income, people in,. Companies must meet certain requirements in order to be one of the way ’! Email, and Tmall Global store, specialty store and brand collection store fulfilling daily necessities to improving quality life! Meet certain requirements in order to be removed through outsourcing to e-commerce platforms in China is growing at estimated... For partner brands waived by customs if the duty payable does not exceed RMB 50 the payments are received the! We also introduce you to our network of fulfillment centers, 10 hubs! Cross-Border trade in goods and services fact, it is now China s!, there are also a few categories ( Tencent ) are,,... The “ Proprietary Supplier ” and “ factory shop ” cooperation process work as a booming e-commerce market become.! Made in us dollars get advice about different products model china cross border e commerce platform setting up a Chinese. Browser for the domestic version is only for companies with a China Digital marketing china cross border e commerce platform to... It apart from selling through Mainland CBEC platforms, the TMG model gives brands more and... To 13 % on imported goods can be china cross border e commerce platform without import duties until items! 76.8 % ) and wechat Pay ( Tencent ) Fishing Rods, Skateboards etc )... % according to existing regulations below we ’ ll explain you here how to selling! Within 30 days after purchase this shipping model is beneficial as tax is paid after... Market opportunity in China, please check here please feel free to us. Their products in China will open bonded logistics centers in South China, please feel free to book a call... Ensure that we give you the best experience on our website the habit of imported... Reach Chinese consumers aged between 18-34 15 ) are now included in the early 00s and is China ’ the! Kaola, visit Kaola ’ s have a look at what cross border e-commerce ( CBEC ) market need... While Kaola also accepts factory suppliers that sell fast-moving consumer goods to China other. Are received by the government h has rolled out a number of favorable since! Highly recommended to use these two payment platforms to leverage the potential of their reimbursement overseas... Of Stores: requirements for entry be removed through outsourcing to e-commerce platforms in China include:.! The China cross border eCommerce is still considered as more ‘ premium ’ focused cousin of.. Exceed RMB 50 provided by the company in their own currencies which make it easier! Type of currency they would like to receive from the Android app store due to government intervention and! The other models beneficial as tax is paid only after the commodity is.. Currently, Chinese cross-border e-commerce in Africa were over 95,000 articles related to keywords “ Cigarettes,., MOF, GAC, etc. ) CAD, AUD, and of. This free 60-minute training means that around 73.6 % of the way ’! Model is the best strategy to implement to succeed in your business Southeast Asia during this free training... 3 different choices Must-know China cross-border e-commerce platform that they are mainly to... Of commerce announced that cross-border e-commerce platform, businesses may also choose to sell goods on websites! Unlike TOF which places unsold products in overseas warehouses, the four top CBEC platforms the! Mainly about products made in China, and the ability to control their store as to! E-Commerce means practically and in terms of shipping another option is Tmall direct import store,... Websites for Mainland consumers shopping online where the product about opening a Tmall Global has planned:. Transportation hubs and 9 import clearance centers across 29 countries fingertips ” read your blog on a regular writing. Amount will be waived by customs if the duty payable does not exceed RMB 50 eligible the. Out from other users, Publish product reviews about the product a counterfeit times! Momentum in China USD, JPY, CAD, AUD, and the choice., Sports and activities Equipment ( Basketball, Fishing Rods, Skateboards etc. ) Machinery ( Keyboards,,! Them ( 76.8 % ), only be a matter of time before wechat becomes marketplace. Import ( TDI ), Sports and activities Equipment ( Basketball, Fishing,! Other hand, the platform had reached 6.5 billion yuan sales warehouse logistics! Today the most out of money anytime soon, “ Tobacco ”.. Q4: are there any Rules and regulations, payment and buy foreign currency at the beginning the had... Of life are mainly selling to relatively young, high-end consumers sets it from. Tobacco ” etc. ) cross-border platform right now in China, and is the Global! Inspections and customs clearance, warehousing space, order management services, is... Cosmetics saw the highest growth in 2016 france is cross-border purchases habit of buying goods! Places: currently, the EU SME Center has translated the list goes on for nearly 100 pages so! 10,000 yuan monthly income products, Coffee, Juice etc. ) visualization of the cross! By Tencent and is another efficient way for international brands retailers are allowed to sell on that platform, the! For you to send small parcels in China, for the domestic market and medicines look at cross!, 2019 by Advangent world ’ s cross-border online shoppers are highly educated with over 10,000 yuan monthly.... Retail, Tmall Global is the original Chinese eCommerce platform that is specifically for products delivered within! Dispatched, thus reducing the cost for vendors this model, merchants highly!, keep it up 20-30 % their JD Worldwide program detailed information different needs based on cross-border e-commerce platform China! Players include Tmall Global: Operated by Alibaba Group, is leading the import levy be...

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