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The creative energy behind Interactive Rhythm is world percussionist, teaching artist & drum circle facilitator Dave Holland.

Dave started his musical career as a Navy musician. He then studied theatre and television before launching into a career in tv news. In 2oo2, it was his love for children & world culture that lured him back into the professional music world as a teaching artist. Dave has traveled to Brazil, West Africa, the Caribbean and Turkey to study with masters of the percussive arts and weave that experience into his performances, workshops & residencies. Now, as founder of Interactive Rhythm, Dave shares his passion for ‘all things rhythm’ with music making professionals through his books, DVDs, CDs & live workshops.

Dave has presented at the International Orff Schulwerk Conference, the International Percussive Arts Conference, the National Drum Circle Facilitator Conference, the Early Childhood Music & Movement Conference, and numerous state and regional music education conferences and Orff Chapter workshops across the country.



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