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Rhythm in the Workplace

DSC01852Are you looking for an exciting way to open an upcoming conference? Do you want to create deeper interpersonal connections with a keynote that keeps your audience engaged? Is your team in need of a creative way of processing the multiple dimensions of change and transition? If so, we can help! Group drumming and rhythm based programs have been proven to be a powerful tool for bringing teams together in both corporate and organizational settings.  Whether it’s a team meeting, staff development session or end of year celebration, the intention behind every Rhythm in the Workplace program is to create team members who are more in touch, in tune and in time! Studies have show that teams made up of members who are connected are happier and more productive. In a Rhythm in the Workplace Program, your team members will be fully engaged, achieving success together. The result? An event that inspires deeper Connection, Communication and Collaboration!


Let the power of group drumming and interactive rhythm put the spark back into your corporation or organization!  Here are just some of the ways a Rhythm in the Workplace programs can benefit your organization:


  • Bring team members together to achieve a common goal
  • Foster Stress Reduction within a Safe & Playful Environment
  • Demonstrate the Value of Conscious Communication
  • Emphasize the Importance of Each Team Member’s Contribution
  • Promote Cooperation Among Co-Workers
  • Break Down Barriers of Age, Gender or Company Seniority
  • Boost Moral


Organizations who have experienced the power of play through Interactive Rhythm include:

  • Intercontinental Hotels Group
  • Venza Group
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Georgia Council for International Visitors
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Georgia Department of Human Services


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