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Drumagination – BOOK + DVD


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Drumagination is the perfect resource for music educators, music therapists and drum circle facilitators looking to add song, movement and interaction to their next rhythm making session. Written by nationally recognized percussionist and drum circle facilitator Dave Holland, Drumagination is a collection of activities that are easy to learn and guaranteed to engage rhythm makers of all ages. Drumagination comes with a DVD that demonstrates each activity step by step, the way Dave presents them in his own drum circles and workshops. Drumagination’s sleek design is intended to fit easily into a back pack or drum bag. Spiral binding allows it to lay open for easy reference. With its easy to follow format, cross curriculum references and drum circle resources, Drumagination has already received rave reviews from hundreds of professional rhythm facilitators around the world!


“In Drumagination, Dave Holland reminds us that we can always think beyond the drum circle and use our innate gifts to sing, move and make personal connections. He offers music facilitators multiple avenues to carry participants into authentic experiences that will leave them feeling musical, energized and valued.”

Percussionist/Expressive Arts Specialist

“Drumagination offers music educators the tools necessary in helping to create a safe and positive learning environment. The activities presented provide a wide array of opportunities for students to master their musical, social and creative capacity.”

Carla Moreno
World Music Educator/Writer

“Drumagination is an incredible collection of rhythm-based games that are excellent tools for any drum circle facilitator, teacher, therapist or anyone working with groups of people. Every activity or game is well organized and thought out, and offers the potential payoffs making it easy to select and match appropriate activities to your desired outcomes. Whether used to spice up your drum circle, adding fun to you classroom or for experiential training, you will find this book and accompanying DVD to be an invaluable resource.”

Jonathan Murray
President Drum Circle Facilitators Guild

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