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Soft Sound Series Bass Drum 14” Napa Head


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Soft Sound Series Bass Drum
14″ – NAPA HEAD – VR-BD14-NH

MEINL VivaRhythm® Soft Sound Series Bass Drums deliver a lower overall tone with outstanding projection. The synthetic shell features a rubber bottom to prevent slippage or scratching and is shaped to allow air to escape from the shell. This creates low fundamental tone that resonates fully. A pre-tuned Napa head has a warm, softer attack followed by a deep sustain.

Synthetic shell is perfect for outdoor playing
Non-slip rubber bottom
Lower tones for great resonance
Stackable for easy storage and transportation
Pre-tuned Napa head creates softer, warmer sounds

Size: 23.5”
Diameter Conga: 14”
Material: Synthetic Shell
Color: Sunshine
Material Body: Synthetic Shell
Head: Napa

Additional information

Weight 11.616 lbs
Dimensions 16.93 × 16.93 × 24.02 in


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