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Rhythm in the Community

Interactive Rhythm offers resources, instruments and trainings for music teachers, music therapists and drum circle facilitators. Designed by world percussionist, teaching artist and rhythm facilitator Dave Holland, Interactive Rhythm provides professionals in the rhythm world with the tools they need to create lesson plans and drum circles that are enriching, engaging and fun!




The Interactive Rhythm Line of resources offers the music making professional great drum circle ideas, rhythm games, music for the classroom and other educational resources. Come discover a world of rhythm making possibilities!



The Interactive Rhythm Line by Dave Holland is back with new instruments, better choices and more affordable pricing! Handcrafted in the US, these instruments provide great sound, practicality and rhythm-making with a purpose. Come check out The Playful Side of Rhythm: The Interactive Rhythm Line by Dave Holland!


Drumagination Workshop


The best way to discover the power of Interactive Rhythm is through one of our many workshops! Learn new hands-on rhythm games and activities at Drumagination Workshop, learn the rhythms of the world in Rhythm Planet Workshop, or invite Dave to your own In-Service Training or Orff Chapter Workshop. Find out how we can help take your interactive rhythm making to the next level! View Workshops



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